Growth Trend Continues for Conntrak Catering Services

Abu Dhabi, UAE, Release: July 19, 2021. For Immediate Release

Conntrak Catering Services has continued to grow during a difficult COVID impacted year across various regions including Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and most recently into Russia.

In Southeast Asia, Conntrak Catering Services has seen considerable growth, with recent new business wins in China, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea, the last of which will mobilise from Busan to Sakhalin Island. These new projects vary between Oil & Gas, and Renewables, further adding to the diversity of the groups business. In addition to this growth our Thailand business has seen considerable increase in activity mobilising several new projects in support of NOC’s. This region as a whole continues to show strong results and our in-country teams are doing a fantastic job supporting both our new and existing clients.

Elsewhere in the world, Conntrak have been awarded new business managing catering services onboard various JUBs and OSVs across the Middle East and the North Sea. Nathan Russell, Commercial Director of Conntrak Catering, stated “whilst the challenges of COVID remain, the Conntrak team have shown great determination in supporting both new mobilisations and existing client reactivations around the world. Our growth strategy continues to prove successful and look forward to supporting further new and existing client requirements alike.”

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